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July 30th 2014

Vegetarian food is great, like it can be really sensational, but I’ll give you one reason not to become fully vegeterian and one reason alone… “Your farts become TERRIBLE”!!!!


March 24th 2014

The window on the oven is cool, I mean when you are using it and there’s something nice cooking in there, maybe there’s a nice aroma building up and you can slowly see whatever that’s cooking changing and it’s all good, it’s brilliant.  But Man seriously, am I the only one that would like to have a window on his dishwasher? I mean there is something beautiful happening in there and I can’t even enjoy the show!!!


March 22nd 2014

Technology and voice recognition….WOW! It’s sensational and it works so well… NOT!!!
So I had my Nexus 5, “Google smartphone”, in hand and I told it: “Ok Google”…  When you say that to it, there is this little pop-up app that appears permitting you to tell Google (or your phone) something, anything, a question or an order too process.  So I asked it: “search for Mont Sutton snow conditions”.  The result it gave me was as follows – I SWEAR: “did you say – search for more seconds porn star collision” I was extremely surprise yet very curious about the links my phone provided me with.  Hey, technology is not perfect, but although it was very far from my initial request, it still provided me with an very interesting subject to investigate. Thank-you Google!  Now about them snow conditions in Sutton…


January 21st 2014

When you drop a utensil on the ground there’s a five second rule and everybody knows that, but one should know that when it falls on the cat litters’ mat, all bets are off. Just saying…


December 28th 2013

Accomplishments are important for everyone.  Today I went to Canadian Tire and in the doorway I found this 25¢ gum dispenser (yep they still exist).  I started wondering if I could fit two handfuls of them gum in my mouth.  I had 8x 25¢ on me and let me tell you I answered that challenge (the one no one around dared me to).  Whoever said you couldn’t fit two handfuls of small Chiclets’ looking gums in your mouth at once was wrong (and perhaps a figment of my imagination).  I couldn’t chew for the life of me, but let me tell you I beat that theory. The store manager didn’t know what to say, but he was convinced I was touched and gave me the seniors’ discount.


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